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Jobs with HCS Home Care

Home Health Aide – NYS certified HHA is an individual who provides personal care, home management and other related home health supportive services in order to assist the individual to continue living in their home environment when there are disruptions due to illness, disability, social disadvantage or other problems.

Personal Care Aide – NYS certified PCA is a person who provides nutritional support, assistance with personal hygiene and the environmental maintenance necessary for an individual to remain in his or her home.

Registered Nurse – NYS licensed RN who is responsible to provide direct skilled nursing services to patients. Performs shift and private duty nursing services. Responsible for the planning, coordination, provision and evaluation of direct nursing services to patients and their families in accordance with professional practice act and agency policy.

Physical Therapist – NYS licensed PT who is responsible for providing physical therapy services to individuals who demonstrate the presence of a functional limitation. PT's role is to provide skilled intervention to improve the patient's level of functionality in self-care, mobility, safety, range of motion or strength and to establish a safe and effective maintenance program.

Occupational Therapist – NYS licensed OT who is responsible to assist patients in acquiring the skills necessary to accomplish ADL. OT's focus their interventions on the patients' upper extremities and on the fine motor skills needed to perform functional activities, such as eating and dressing. In addition to assisting patients to develop self-care skills, OTs are involved in assessing the patients' home for safety and suggesting modifications to improve the patients' ability to function independently.

Speech Therapist – NYS licensed ST and must have certificate of clinical completion in speech from the American Speech and Hearing Association. ST services are provided to individuals who have speech and language problems, including difficulties or delays in language development. Problems with speech and language may be either expressive or receptive. In addition, ST services are also helpful with patients who are experiencing dysphagia. The ST works with patients to improve their ability to carry out independently ADLs relating to their communication or swallowing, as in talking on the phone, eating or managing oral secretions.

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